The Tax Appeal Process

Do you live in Chester County PA?  Are you interested to know if a tax appeal may have a favorable outcome for you?  There are several factors in the appeal process that you need to know: the most likely selling price of your home, the comparable sales in your community, and the common level ratio.  Each year the common level ratio changes,  this ratio basically a tax equalizer and it is used in the appeal process to help correctly assign the tax burden. 

Lets say you current tax assessment is $275,000 and the current value of your home is 650,000, based on the current common level ratio, you will end up with a higher assessment and a higher tax bill.  If you are in an area where values have not appreciated much, you may benefit from an appeal.  I am happy to analyze your current tax position, before you apply for an appeal.  This will help you determine the most likely outcome of an appeal.  I can also assist with filing and the supporting documentation needed.

In Delaware County PA, the entire county has just gone through a reassessment.  If you feel the new assessment is more than what your home would sell for, I urge you to challenge the new assessment now.  I can help you determine if an appeal of value will be successful. 

In New Castle County Delaware, the appeals process is very different.  You need a retroactive appraisal of your property to challenge you assessment.  Specifically, your assessment would be the most likely selling price for your home in 1982.  You need an appraiser who is skilled at the retroactive process and you will need to go to court to complete the challenge process. 

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