The best solution ever for elderly people who have memory challenges.

What is Memory Care?
"A memory care community is a residential care facility or unit of a residential care facility that is designed specifically to meet the needs of people who have Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. Memory care communities strive to provide residents with a high quality of life while taking additional measures to ensure their safety. There may be security measures in place to ensure that residents do not wander, for example, and some units are locked so that no one may leave or enter." - Source

Having this challenge in your family can be very difficult. Specially when these elderly people use to live alone with their house. A lot of things should be consider before sending your folks to a caring facility. These are the few things you should keep in mind if you are planning to move your parents.
  • Budget
  • Downsizing/Selling the property
  • Moving out

Budget to move any family member to a care facility involves a cost. As people would say, "there are no more free in this life", there's always a cost from womb-to-tomb. If budget is not a problem, then there's no need to worry. But if it is, you will need to consider all possible liquid assets to exhaust. Furniture and possessions can be sold in a garage sale or on consignment.  You may also need to sell a home..Talking to a professional realtor who is skilled in helping clients in resolving life challenges is the first step.

Downsizing is often the best option for seniors who want to cut costs or have medical problems requiring constant care. Selling their homes could provide them with additional funds to cover their retirement and other medical expenses. It also relieves them of managing a house, which in itself can bring stress and the risk of accidents.
There are many options available for senior care. It is important that seniors understand these options to find a place best suited for their care needs and still allow them to thrive physically and mentally. It will also enable them to make the best choice for themselves and their families as they transition. created these comprehensive guides with an online directory to help seniors navigate the top assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania. It also provided comprehensive information on topics such as financial support and assisted living laws and regulations in your area.
Moving Out Once you have decided on a location to provide the proper care, you need an expert realtor to handle the details of the sale of the property, packing, and moving.  

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